18th May 2022

Arrangements for car park

We regret that we have had to secure the services of a car park management company for our car park.

A camera is now installed to record the number plate of all vehicles entering the car park.

Anyone with legitamite business in the surgery must enter their car registration number on 1 of 2 ipads located in recption area to receive a parking permit, also if someone is waiting for you in the car park their registration number must be entered on 1 of the ipads.

Car number plates that are not validated will receive a parking fine.


16th May 2022

Violence Policy

The pandemic has resulted in significant increased pressures on the Practice team and unfortunately our staff have been subjected to verbal abuse at the front desk and on the phone. Please be mindful that our staff are working hard to deal with your requests and all interactions should be respectful. The Practice operates a "ZERO-TOLERANCE" approach to any form of abuse towards our staff. Incidents of this nature can result in removal from the Practice list.

Appointment booking continues to be by telephone only.

We greatly appreciate your co-operation in adhering to the guidance given on entry to ensure we can continue to operate safely.

12th May 2022

COVID-19 Boosters

We are now administering the Covid-19 Spring Booster vaccine to our eligible patients.

* We have commenced administering these vaccines to our patients on 12/5/22

* Eligibility : aged 75 years and over & at least 3 months since your last Covid vaccine

* We are now contacting those who are eligible, to invite you to the upcoming clinics

* Housebound and nursing home patients will be vaccinated by community and Trust support teams

1st May 2022

Visiting the Surgery

As per government guidance, masks should be worn in healthcare settings. All patients attending the surgery must wear a face covering and continue to maintain social distancing.